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This is the Home page of the Development Team of the UK Digital Curation Centre.

The work is described in the DCC Development Team Wiki which is open to all, and includes information on the email mailing list which is also open to all.

The ideas behind much of this work are detailed in the document DCC Approach to Digital Curation

In summary

  • The ISO standard OAIS Reference Model, plus its follow-on standards work, provide the foundation - concepts and terminology.
  • Representation Information is a key concept and a (distributed) Registry/Repository of Representation Information is an essential service.
  • The Registry/Repository must itself be an exemplar trustworthy OAIS repository, for long-term preservation of the Representation Information which it holds, and it will be OAIS certified in due course.
  • A number of tools and services can be built on the Registry service itself and on the Repository's design and implementation.
  • The tools and services will aim to promote interoperability and automated use as far as possible, and will support information preservation over the long term as well as current and future usability of information held in repositories of all kinds.
  • The tools and services must be easily integrated into many of the other UK and international projects which are addressing the issue of digital curation.